Ahlu Sunna Wal Jamaa spiritual leader Maalim Sheikh Hassan has lashed out at the federal government and Galmudug administration for ‘attacking’ his forces noting the incident was ‘unfortunate.’

“While we were there, we were attacked by the Galmudug government with the help of the entire Somali army,” the Ahlu Sunna  leader said an interview with BBC Somali.

He added that the solution for Galmudug is for the two sides (Ahlu Sunna and the Galmudug government) to dialogue and agree failure to which ‘we will continue our work and we will defend ourselves against those who try to attack us.

Sheikh Hassan also single out Somali National Army chief Gen. Odowaa Yusuf Rage ‘for leading the war’ which claimed several people and military commanders among them Danab Galmudug commander Major Abdilatif Ahmed Ulusow (Feyfle) and other Ahlu Sunna officials.

The Ahlu Sunna leader also dismissed claims his forces were mobilising to attack Guriel again.

Source: Hiraan Online


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